Teamwork is now prompt, intuitive and clearly structured.

At last! Keeping track of projects. Monitoring key developments. Introducing new topics. Finding the right team. All in one location.

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Social Enterprise Network Software

Share2B - Social Intranet, Social Collaboration and Social Sales in one system

  • Groups

    Teams and networks communicate and collaborate in the same project. Independently from division and location.

  • Track Topics

    Enables you to keep updated. Always keep a handle on clients, projects and developments.

  • Share Information

    Enables you to share your knowledge and ideas as well as ask your questions. And always with the right people in the proper group.

  • Find Experts

    Share2B enables you to find colleagues with the right skills easily. And make direct contact.

  • Framework

    Extensive or specific. Data from other applications (CRM, ERP, Social Media, etc.) converge just as you require.

  • Mobility

    Tablet or smartphone? Stay fully involved with your groups, topics and news. Access whenever and wherever you like.

Share2B partners worldwide

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